Fly by Night Fishing Team
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About Fly by Night Fishing Team
Fly by Night Fishing Team is a little more than just a fishing team, we participate in Tag and release of sharks for NOAA, Participate in fishing tournaments, Hunt Alligators and wild hogs and basically live the Salt life here on the Nature coast of Florida.

Fly by Night Fishing Team  has only been on the Gulf Coast for a little over a year, previously fishing off the coasts of VA, Md and NC.

Back when we started shark fishing in the early '80's the country was still shivering over the movie Jaws and every shark was enemy number one so we caught and killed most of them, since then we have come full circle learning over the years to respect them and enjoy their beauty and also come to realize that we need them in the ecosystem for it all to work. Now we just tag and release most of them only keeping one for dinner once in awhile. We really enjoy taking young and old out to experience the practice.

​We will have recipes from time to time on our Recipes page for you to copy so you can also enjoy these tasty creatures.

Feel free to email me, Denny Seabright by clicking on the button if you have comments or questions and show us your catches on our facebook page, we love to see em!