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 All profit is donated to the cause listed
wow! I want to thank all the sponsors for helping with this project ! 
   In just one week we got to to the minimum goal of 13 sponsors that we must have.
  Thanks guys and gals!
Blackwater Fishing Club
"Just for Fun"
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These Calendars can be purchased from this site by clicking on the "Items for sale button" along with vehicle/boat stickers
These Calendars have the best neg tide dates highlighted for easy viewing with tide hts for each month 

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$17.00 includes shipping
$ 1.50 includes shipping
$50 donation to the cause
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Cancer fund for Jen Hoop
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Free BCC sticker with first
50 calendars  

All profit from sales of calendars go to a fund for one of our own and miss January in the tight fishing community.
  Funds will be transferred to  Jen Hoop to assist in her ongoing cancer care.
  God Bless you Jen