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 Danielle "Dany" Perdue
Dany will be providing reports from Waccasassa River
north to Horseshoe Beach area

Adam Whitston
Adam will be giving a detailed Flyfishing Report from Crystal River to the Waccasassa River area.

Jacinda Rose
Jacinda will be giving a report on not only the Crystal River and south report but also Kayak input

                                                                Fishing Reports from the Gulf

 Horseshoe Beach 1/18/2019
The beginning of this week started out strong, with a gorgeous flounder. The water was smooth, the temps warm, it was a gorgeous setting before the cold spell hit in the Big Bend. The Capt Jason Perdue released slot reds for the remainder of the Saturday on spinners with pink grub. 

Today the water was glass like Saturday, but Fishing was slow to begin with this morning. We started fishing with the incoming tide, at the peak of the first high, our guest Larry brought in the first red on a spinner with a pink grub. Once the tide started to drop after lunch, B-52 bombers with shrimp kept the bite alive. A few more underslot reds, along with a bull lost at the boat completed the day. Pink is bringing the wanted reaction from the reds, and it'll be interesting to see what this full moon does for night outings. 

Stay slimy mis amigos 😉

Danielle "Dany" Perdue

                                                                 Ozello Fishing Report 01/13/2019

Only had one day on the water this week as I'm getting ready to take a vacation. I'll be gone thru this next week, so no Ozello trip for me, but I'll be back on the water by the 26th!! 😂😁
This past Sunday was a productive day! Launching around 9 am, just as the front started rolling in, on an outgoing tide. I focused my attention on the area of and around Bear Island. With the water level still on the higher end of the tide, i hit the cuts thru the islands between the causeway and Bear Island. My first stop was over a hole where i began fishing a dropoff along the edge that had a shallow cove behind it. Found several reds along that edge, & a few small trout hanging out in the grass on the bottom of the hole. 
I paddled thru & fished several cuts and deep holes along the way. There were a lot of small trout in the holes, and short reds along the edges of the holes and near oyster bars. There wasn't one place like this that i stopped that didn't produce at least one redfish or trout! I even managed an 18" black drum add he came thru a cut between islands. 
Making my way out into deep water next to Bear Island, i found a nice trout hole. Deep water with potholes & grass. Managed a 2 person limit & then some of keeper sized trout in one hole! Again, being close to the point of an island, also found some reds near the edge of the hole. I think there may be a pattern here! 😉😂😁
The big reds can be seen in shallow mud flats, but have been super spooky! A few have been lucky enough to be fishing when these reds finally decide to eat, but I'm not one of those few... Yet! 😂 
With the weather as it's been this week...still the fluctuation in temps... I'm seeing the same results from others as I've had myself. Lots of small slot and under slot reds, and lots of keeper trout! 
With this coldfront coming in this weekend, maybe more of those big reds will come in! Y'all keep em company for me while I'm gone, k! 😁
Until next time, Tight Lines & Good Times, Y'all!! 😁🎣 🐠 Catch Em Up!!

                                                                                           Fly fishing report

The beginning part of this week started out kind of rough with the cold front we had come through. That sudden pressure change had the fish not really in a feeding mood. And as we all have experienced, often times after a sudden change in temperature, the fish become lethargic and “lay up.” The day after the front passes are “slow days” for me. Meaning I work my flies very slow, and close to the bottom. For these days I like natural crab patterns about nickel sized with small lead eyes. When choosing those colors, I like brown or black as that generally matches our bottom in the area pretty well. I like to throw these flies way in front of the fish and let them come to the fly before I start stripping or moving the fly. I find often times this allows the fish to not feel or see the fly line land or see it in the air. As we progressed through the week, the temperatures dropped, but so did the wind. The key for me on these days has been finding banks with sunlight on them, so the fish can warm up. These are the banks the fish start cruising first when it’s cold. Yesterday (Thursday) was the first day with great sunlight on the warming trend. The warming trend days with good sunlight, have been the key days for me so far this winter. On days when the fish are very active and cruising the banks like they should be, I like to throw a natural shrimp pattern with bead chain eyes, or a baitfish pattern (EP). I like bead chain as it allows me to throw the fly up current, and let it fall down in the water column as it makes its way down current to the fish. The baitfish patterns are fun because they also swing in the current, however, they do require a little more involved stripping pattern. When I fish high water conditions, I like to go down banks and sight fish with the baitfish pattern because it gives me a little more action and a bigger profile for my presentations. As we go into the weekend, try looking on mangrove shorelines, or mud banks and oyster bars for you guys fishing up north, to see if you can find fish cruising and warming up as the sun comes up. The shallower the better! Always remember, don’t trout set.

Captain Adam

                                                                      Fishing report for Yankeetown Jan11-18 

The quest for slot reds continues as we rounded out the week with more slot fish than dinks. They are way up in the creeks but also at the entrance of creeks. Mud minnows or flys that imitate them have been winning out over shrimp.
I like to fish with mud minnows with small corks you can get at #captainscoveoutfitters along with real nice muds.
I like to put the float (the type with the two black plastic ends and slit in it so you can take it off. Use a long leader of at least 2 foot cause they don’t work well on braid. Use a Jim’s jig in pink up through the lips of a lively mm and keep him off bottom 6” to a foot, the mm will dance around trying to get to the bottom but can’t. Remember, when it goes under just wind to take up slack don’t Roland Martin him and jerk him out the water 😅😂🤣🎣
Keep um tight gang 👌

Denny Seabright
Denny Seabright- Owner Backcountry Chronicles
 Denny will be reporting from Yankeetown north to Waccasassa River