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Fishing Reports
 Danielle "Dany" Perdue
Dany will be providing reports from Waccasassa River
north to Horseshoe Beach area

Adam Whitston
Adam will be giving a detailed Flyfishing Report from Crystal River to the Waccasassa River area.

Jacinda Rose
Jacinda will be giving a report on not only the Crystal River and south report but also Kayak input

                   Fishing Reports from the Gulf     Ending 3/15/2019

Ozello Fishing Report.....

Denny Seabright- Owner at Backcountry Chronicles
Fishing report for Yankeetown, Fl
Ozello Fishing Report 3/9 - 3/15 I was able to get on the water last Friday, Sunday and Monday. Weather held up great, temps being in or around the mid 70's, water temps mid 60s to lower 70's. Incoming tide was the most productive for the big reds, which were hitting both on live shrimp and soft plastics. Rat reds are still in abundance, eating whatever you throw out to them! Trout are holding steady with their pattern of big fish on the bottom in deep holes, little ones everywhere! Pick your poison (bait), cuz they're eating everything! Snook are in, and seem to be hitting the topwaters more than anything. It's looking like its gonna be a great Spring here in Ozello! The weather has been beautiful, so of course, this weekend we have another front coming through, but it shouldn't affect the fish too much....not gonna be too cold! I'll be out there huntin, & hope y'all get a chance to get out & wet a line, too! Until then, Tight Lines & Good Times, Y'all! Catch em Up!
Yankeetown fishing Report ending 3/15
The week in review,
We had a fair trip Saturday, fishing the Blackwater tournament as I had a tide I like to work with morning low and kinda negative. We Lost a nice 26 plus Red right at the start, weighed a 4lb + for second and took 1st place Snook, not bad and had fun the whole day, can't say enough about this club and group of people. 
  Monday we went offshore looking for Triple Tails and sheephead, went west 17 mile on pots having a few shots at trips and getting enough nice sheep for a couple dinners. Water Temp was 70 in open gulf
  Tue we went out in search of Snook and found a slot, got some nice black drum and played with some hard fighting Jacks.
  Thursday we took a young lady out for a spell and got some black drum again, Jacks and a couple slot Reds.
   Friday we went in search of some nice big reds for sat Sodium Tourney, Losing my favorite tide and only having a flat and outgoing tide the day was not good so I decided not to fish the tourney as its just now my tide.
   In summary the trout bite is hot on bars and some flats, when the water starts running again the Reds will be on and The Snook bite has been on fire.
   Get out and bust some fishes and Keep just what you can use, freezer burnt fish are no good for anybody. Keep um tight
Horseshoe Beach Report :

The dreary overcast sky made the atmosphere feel quite and calm this Saturday. We got out there as the wind settled down around tide change. It started out slow finding reds around the shore, working shrimp on the bottom. With the low activity of birds and mullet, it was an anchor down day. Watching the wind on these slow tide days are crucial. 

Once we reached our point, the bite turned on big time. The reds were loving that good Sandy bottom worked by a pink jig. As soon as we got a line in, the next would take off. Every line scream was a solid red, we only found a few rats in the pack. 

While the talk around Horseshoe has been all the giant trout caught this week, we didn't see any in our shallows. The fishermen I've caught up with have been finding them just offshore.
- Dany
Jay- (he belongs to Dany)
Dany with a nice Red